Testimonials – what our customers are saying about us

“As a first time property owner, Land You Own made the entire process remarkable. I never would have suspected it could be so simple. I had not a clue about anything, though they had a well thought out response to any questions I may of had.  Not to dismiss additional and very important information I may have not known to search for. Kind and curtious, Land You Own walked me through the entire process to make it as painless as possible, and for that I am extremely grateful and look forward to future purchases. Not to mention I was able to get one heck of a deal! Thank you Land You Own!”

                                                                                        Caeden       Commercial Construction CEO     from Kansas

“I was looking for a property in a well established area surrounded by water and mountains, when I looked at the pictures of the lot , I knew this is what I wanted. Very easy detailed and all the information was provided, very good price. Have not been to the property yet, but will soon. You answered all the questions and walked me through the process and kept me updated on the status of the deed, very helpful, very easy to deal with. I will certainly recommend you to others.  Very helpful during the whole purchase process. With all the details and pictures of the land on his website, I was very comfortable on purchase the land without visiting the lot personally. Due to the Ice storm in the area the court offices were closed. He kept calling and following up with them to check the status on the deed transfer. As soon as the paper work was entered in the system he called me to tell me it’s all taken care off. Overall I am very satisfied with the purchase.”

Vinay        Software Professional      from Texas 

“Our experience was great working with you.   We recommend others to do the same. Very, very nice people to work with. Thank you.”                 Betty        Retired        from  Arkansas   
Very easy and professionally done. Everything went as we agreed on. Really nice people to deal with. I highly recommend them.”  
Floy         Retired       from  Arkansas 

“All requirements were met for our family’s property and we all were completely satisfied. Everything was done exactly as promised, when promised, very courteously and professionally done. Absolutely recommend your company, you did a great job.”

                      Larry       Retired        from  Arkansas

“I was on a mission of sorts to help a friend move back to Arkansas, trying to find some land in Arkansas to build a home and begin a new chapter in her life. I literally lucked onto the LandYouOwn.com site and was immediately excited. Here is a beautiful and informative site with pictures and detailed information. It contains everything I was looking for.                                                                                                                          The price of the property was exceptional, considerably well below market value. I was so impressed at the prices, that I purchased a lot for myself and am in the process of building my forever home on Holiday Island. When I was at the property location and not relying on the pictures from LandYouOwn website, I was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful the sites were. The pictures are nice but do not really do the actual view justice. My lot has an awesome view of the mountains.                                                                                                                                                             I was looking for a friend but fell in love with the area and now I am building my forever home on Holiday Island. When I decided to purchase a lot for myself, they explained the terms and the expectations. LandYouOwn made it so easy to decide to purchase that I did not think twice. They were patient and answered every question and concern. They put all my concerns to rest. They patiently explained and pointed out many of the excellent features associated with Holiday Island. The drive to Holiday Island is beautiful with pull-outs to stop and enjoy the beauty of the mountains and trees. Breathtaking is one of the many adjectives that I would use to describe the drive to Holiday Island. It is a community with lots of activities for adults and kids alike. The views from the various areas will take your breath away. You can enjoy a mountain view or a water view. The entire area is peaceful and inspiring.                                                                                                                                                                 I had not even thought of selling my home and moving to Arkansas because after all I was a Texas native.  One look at the properties offered by LandYouOwn and I was in Love with Arkansas. The views and the opportunities for adventure, excitement, and entertainment with the amenities close by sold me. I purchased a lot, went back to Texas, sold my home and I will so be breaking ground on my new forever home with a view of the mountains that I will never tire of enjoying. I went back to Texas and told everyone that they just needed to come and take a look. There is so much beauty in the area and so many amenities that if you get bored there, then you are just a boring person.”                                                                                                                               Carol        Retired Office Manager   from South Texas

“I am a Real Estate Investor who buys Land. Land is a good investment for the future. I was looking for land online and ran across LandYouOwn’s ad and knew it was a good investment to buy and hold for the future. I knew it would be good to add to my portfolio. At the price it was for sale, I purchased 2 properties. Very good investment plain and simple. The company representatives were very honest and easy to deal with. I was comfortable with them from the start.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Todd       Real Estate Investor    from Arkansas















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