Frequently Asked Questions
What types of land do you have for sale?

We specialize in selling vacant land. Our properties may include rural vacant land, recreational land, residential or commercial lots, and/or many other types of raw land.

Who owns the properties being sold on this website?

All properties sold through our website are owned outright by Home and Property Buyers, LLC our company. We are not a real estate brokerage firm and there are no commissions or additional fees added to our properties we sell. 

What can you tell me about the property?

Everything we know about each property is stated in our listing. We purchase real property for the sole purpose of re-selling it. 

Should I visit my property before buying?

YES, we strongly recommend that you inspect the property before buying. You should also check with the local zoning department to verify that you’ll be able to use the property as you see fit.  While we will do our best to tell you everything we know about each property, nothing replaces the value of doing your own research and due diligence.

Are there back taxes or liens associated with the property?

No. We guarantee that since we have owned our properties there have been no liens or encumbrances placed on the properties and the taxes are current.

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